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500 Wyoming Avenue , Kingston, PA 18704 | 570-288-4576 | 570-288-9493


The fire station is located at 600 Wyoming Avenue.
Non-emergency phone#: 570-287-0913
Chief’s office: 570-714-2143
Fax no: 570-714-2144

The Kingston Fire Department, under the direction of Chief Frank Guido, is a combination department consisting of twenty-three career firefighters including the Chief and approximately thirty active volunteers. The Department operates out of a state-of-the-art Central Station opened in March of 2005, and provides a full range of fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.

The Kingston Fire Department is one of only a few departments of its size capable of providing Advanced Life Support within its own agency.

In 2008 the Kingston Fire Department responded to 3005 incidents. The average response time from “call received’ to “on the scene” is consistently under four minutes, resulting in fewer large fires and more lives saved. The Department enjoys a Class 4 ISO rating.

Constant training in the latest firefighting and emergency medical practices results in a high level of efficiency to provide the best possible service to the residents of Kingston.

Kingston’s First Line Firefighting & EMS Equipment

Engine 1

1998 Saulsbury/Simon Duplex 1500 gpm pumper

Engine 2

2008 KME 1500 gpm pumper

Ladder 3

2001 American La France/LTI 85’ Aerial Platform

Medic 13A

2008 Horton/Ford Ambulance

Medic 13B

2004 Horton/Ford Ambulance

Medic 13C

2008 Horton/Ford Ambulance

Rescue 3

2004 Rescue One heavy rescue truck

Auxiliary Equipment

Unit 9

1983 GMC/Swab Air Cascade Unit

Unit 100

2009 Ford/KME Utility Truck


500 Wyoming Avenue , Kingston, PA 18704

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