The Kingston Police Department is comprised of 19 sworn members – the third largest department in Luzerne County.

The department is made up of a Criminal Investigation Division, Special Victims Unit, Special Investigations Division (SID), K9 and Patrol Division.

Kingston Emergency Services which include Police, Fire, Ambulance and EMS are now dispatched through the Luzerne County 911 Center in Hanover Twp., PA.

Residents and visitors of Kingston are encouraged to dial 911 in the event of an emergency or when the caller requires a response to his or her location.

The Kingston Police maintains a current Civil Service list which is updated through competitive written and physical agility testing.

The Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Department Staff:

Staff Member Email Address
Chief Michael Krzywicki mkrzywicki@kingstonpd.org
Sgt. Sam Blaski sblaski@kingstonpd.org
Sgt. Thomas McTague tmctague@kingstonpd.org
Sgt. Jason Height jheight@kingstonpd.org
Sgt. Eric Keiper ekeiper@kingstonpd.org
Det. Edward Palka epalka@kingstonpd.org
Det Richard Kotchik rkotchik@kingstonpd.org
Det. Thomas Paratore tparatore@kingstonpd.org
Det. Stephen Gibson sgibson@kingstonpd.org
Officer Jude Allen jallen@kingstonpd.org
Officer George Kocher gkocher@kingstonpd.org
Officer John Anthony janthony@kingstonpd.org
Officer Jonathan Karasinski jkarasinski@kingstonpd.org
Officer Robert Miller rmiller@kingstonpd.org
Officer John Sosnoski jsosnoski@kingstonpd.org
Officer John Bevilaqua jbevilaqaua@kingstonpd.org
Officer Ryan Mahovich rmahovich@kingstonpd.org
Officer Matthew Bonawits mbonawits@kingstonpd.org
Officer Michael Haley mhaley@kingstonped.org
PEO Paul Williams pwilliams@kingstonpd.org
Phone: 570-288-3674 FAX: 570-287-2699

The Municipality has recently initiated CODE RED.

CODE RED can be sent to your land line, cell phone or email to email to advise you of critical communications such as; Evacuation Notices, Missing Child Alerts, Severe Weather and/or Snow Ban Alerts, Localized Criminal Activity, etc.

CODE RED will relay emergency and non-emergency alerts from the Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

CODE RED technology will allow our Police Department to target specific neighborhoods or streets affected by crime and quickly notify citizens of criminal activity. Instructions on how to participate may be found on the Kingston Web Page (www.kingstonpa.org) or Facebook (Kingston Police Department).

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Community Videos

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Weekly Street Cleaning

Routine Street Cleaning will begin on Monday, April 3, 2017. Please adhere to all posted street cleaning signs.

New Real Property Inspection Ordinance

Ordinance 2016-6 Ordinance 2016-8 Real Property Inspection Form
No Emergency Dispatch
Kingston will no longer dispatch police, fire, and ambulance calls. As of 12 a.m. on September 1, 2010, all residents and businesses of Kingston, Forty Fort, and Pringle are required to Dial 911 for Police, Fire and Ambulance emergencies. Do not call 287-6911 as this is no longer an emergency number.